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Quick Thought: It's definitely simpler than you think it is.

1) What you should work on in the practice room

2) The fingering of that lick or passage (even in F# maj)

3) What constitutes a balanced diet

4) Music theory

5) Ear Training

6) Polyrhythms

7) Getting enough sleep

8) Mixing/engineering

9) Astrophysics

10) The most fearsome dinosaur

Those of us who at least dabble in music theory--or any type of--geekery enjoy being theoretically heavy. If I told you about a tune with hard changes and shifting time signatures and your palms got sweaty, you ARE a theory geek. If I told you my friend had a U47 and a 1176, and your heart missed a beat you ARE an audio nerd.

That is a beautiful thing! but an unfortunate part of us nerds is the one-up-manship of being the headiest person in the room. That is why I'm here to remind you: IT'S ALL SiMpLe! Complex things are just a stack of simple things wearing a trench coat trying to get into an R rated movie. If you find your concept of anything listed above getting more complicated as you work on it, STOP. Figure out how it's simple, because it is. It might not be easy, but I guarantee you it's simple.

If you are doing anything with music, how it looks on paper, feels in your hands, or looks on a DAW is irrelevant. How it sounds is everything. If you are working in astrophysics, it doesn't matter how many terms are in your equation. Does it get the space shuttle to and from orbit safely? That's all anyone really cared about.

Ya Dig?


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